How Do Bail Bonds Work?

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

Learn about the Bail Bond process in Abilene, TX

If a warrant has been issued for your arrest or you are arrested for an onsite charge, in almost every case a bond will be set for your release. The bond amount may be set by a judge or magistrate at a number deemed necessary to secure your appearance in court. Once the bond has been set you will be eligible to post the bond amount and be released from jail. Here you have several options:

1. You, a family member, or friend can put up the entire bond amount in cash.

This money will be held in the county and only returned when your case is pled. Please note that all of the money will not be returned as the county keeps up to 5% as administrative fees. If you fail to appear in the court on a cash bond, the county will keep the entire bond amount and you could also be liable to pay court costs on the filing of the bond forfeiture. Please be aware if you make a cash bond you will be responsible for keeping up with all your own court dates and times. If the person you make the cash bond for, fails to appear in court you will be responsible for finding that person and getting them either to court or jail.

2. Court-supervised release.

This program is run by the local probation program. There is still a small fee involved and you must be interviewed and approved at the jail; which greatly increases your time in jail. You are subject to random drug testing and monthly reporting to the probation department. Studies have shown this type of bond, along with cash bonds, have a much higher failure to appear rate than when using a licensed bondsman.

3. You can secure a licensed bondsman to post the full amount of bail for you.

In this case, the bondsman puts the money up with the county to guarantee your appearance in court. This bondsman should keep up with you until your court obligations are complete and notify you of all court dates. In return for their service, the bondsman will charge a small percentage of the bond. This type of bond has proven through the years to be, by far, the best guarantee for appearance.

Collateral and indemnitor responsibility:

Most of the time collateral is not required to post a bond with Billy Olson Bail Bond. In a few cases, because of difficult conditions, collateral or a cosigner may be required. Any bond that utilizes the option of a cosigner or collateral is to guarantee the payment of the bond fee and the appearance of the defendant in court. A person that would be acceptable to cosign a bond would be an individual with a good and steady job, or enough financial means to cover the full amount of the bond if there was a failure to appear. Items that could be considered for collateral would include cash, jewelry, auto, boat, real estate or most any other thing of value. A cosigner would be released from all liability and all collateral would be released when all bond fee payments have been made and the criminal case is disposed of.

If you find yourself in need of a bail bondsman, call Billy Olson Bail Bond right away for the fastest, most affordable and convenient release from jail you can find.